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Adopt a Hectare™ Program

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Adopt a Hectare™ is a world-first sustainability food program grown in the Netherlands by The Farm Kitchen. It is an invitation for every company to Adopt a Hectare™ of regenerated land working with local farmers.

Why Adopt a Hectare™ matters?

Did you know ⅓ of the world’s soil is becoming infertile and this could grow to 90% by 2050 if nothing changes.

By working together to promote biodiversity, local farming, and regenerative agriculture we can restore our soil and protect our natural food ecosystems for good.

A sustainable, tangible, and powerfully local food program

By adopting a hectare of locally regenerated soil over 5 years and benefiting from the harvest of that land, everyone prospers – nature, farmers, companies and their staff.

Nature is restored, farmers livelihoods are maintained, companies deliver on their sustainability goals and people eat healthier contributing to a more productive workforce.

Our goal is to turn 50 hectares of Dutch soil into good soil

Join us on our earth-loving mission by adopting a hectare of regenerated land to reap multiple sustainability and wellbeing benefits for your organisation.

Prove a new local food ecosystem can work to inspire other companies in the Netherlands and who knows? The world.

Adopt a Hectare™ and SDG

Did you know that Adopt a Hectare contributes to almost all 17 of the United Nation’s Sustainability Development Goals (SDG)? Register your interest and learn how Adopt a Hectare™ can benefit your organisation.

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    “Adopt a Hectare is a holistic food program that make the transition to CO2 positive tangible for every company. Everyone benefits – nature, farmers, companies, and their staff.”