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Good soil

Our soil is nature’s perfect gift – our source of food and life. Did you know a handful of good soil has more tiny organisms than people on Earth?

Good soil enriches all of life.

But for all its goodness, the quality of our soil is rapidly declining. By 2050, it is estimated that 90% of the soil on Earth will be infertile if nothing changes.

Modern agricultural methods that lack biodiversity and use pesticides destroy the microorganisms in the soil and ultimately its ability to regenerate itself.

This is why regenerative agriculture and nature inclusive business models are such powerful solutions to a sustainable future. We created The Farm Kitchen and soil to plate food experiences as our way of contributing to that future.

Planting the future with good soil

Passionate about enriching the soil, Jonathan Karpathios, a plant-based chef and Xander Meijer, a nature entrepreneur came together to form The Farm Kitchen.

They wanted to create a nature inclusive food company, grown in the Netherlands but that could inspire the world, through enriching food experiences starting with good soil.

Think Global, Eat Local

Jonathan, Xander and their growing team work with new generation farmers, chefs, and foodies to promote regenerative agriculture, and cooking and eating local plant-based cuisine.

Now everyone at The Farm Kitchen has the vision to live in a world where the food we eat doesn’t cost the earth but enriches it.

We created Earth’s Own Cuisine as our unique point of view on food

Nothing connects us to good soil more than the food we eat.

We take the harvest of the land to serve you food that is hyper local, super fresh, seasonal, diverse, creative, colourful, and packed with nutritious goodness.

It’s feelgood food that will enrich your palate, fuel your body, and nourish your soul.

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We invite you to go on a journey of discovery

The Farm Kitchen has created a number of ways for a new generation of foodies and companies to plant a future with good soil.

Discover more
Discover more
Discover more
“Everything we do at the Farm Kitchen is to turn local soil into good soil through Earth’s Own Cuisine. Good soil leads to good food and good people – enriching all of life.”
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