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Earth's Own Cuisine

Deeply rooted in the local harvest, Earth’s Own Cuisine celebrates the connection between new generation farmers, chefs, and foodies.

It is a cuisine that starts with the soil and honours the seasons and cycles of life. It encourages us to slow down and appreciate good food, and the people and land that make it all possible.

In Earth’s Own Cuisine, the ingredients are the natural stars of the show

Every ingredient in Earth’s Own Cuisine is a miracle of nature and reflects the seasons, colours, and flavours of the local harvest.

From succulent cabbages, fennel, beans, kale, courgettes, tomatoes, potatoes, and cauliflower to the hearty grains and forgotten vegetables of the Dutch soil, Earth’s Own Cuisine brings it all together to create enriching soil to plate food experiences.

Earth’s Own Cuisine is also about supporting the stewards of the land

When we cook in an Earth’s Own Cuisine way, we are supporting the local economy, sustainable agriculture, and the producers of the food we love.

Our Farm Kitchen chefs use everything harvested by local farmers to create weekly surprises and a delicious menu of dishes across our kook workshops, restaurants, and farm events.

The Farm Kitchen, Earth's very own cuisine, North Holland

We are partnering with the Province of North Holland (Amstelland and Meerlanden Region) on a project to further develop our local regenerative food concept. This project involves various players, including farmers, processing kitchens, and business clients. Veggies from the land are processed as close to the farm as possible, right in our mobile processing kitchen. These fresh ingredients are then transformed into wholesome meals and served in corporate cafeterias in the region.

This initiative begins at one location, where, in the long run, we will use 10 hectares of farmland to grow around 60 different crops. By processing food on the farm and selling it locally, we manage to reduce food miles by a staggering 98%. Our ultimate goal is to serve 3,000 lunches per day in corporate cafeterias. Additionally, we aim to bring more farmers and businesses into this project through knowledge sharing, which includes providing a handbook for farmers.

We are guided by 7 Promises in everything we do
We promise…
To serve food that starts with good soil
We work with local farmers who use regenerative agriculture to provide us with a rich harvest of nutritious organic ingredients
To be creative in the kitchen
We inspire our chefs to be creative in developing a menu that showcases the best of plant-based cuisine using farm-fresh ingredients
To be stewards of the land
We work together to restore the soil maximising the full harvest of nature in every season to protect the land for generations to come
To inspire a new generation of foodies
We empower a new generation of chefs and foodies to cook and eat plant-based food through Earth’s Own Cuisine
To help organisations contribute to SDG
We partner with organisations through Adopt a Hectare to contribute to climate change, biodiversity, and human health and wellbeing
To educate on good food
We invite people to go on a journey of discovery with food experiences that inspire and educate them to eat better every day
To bring love and laughter
We believe there’s nothing like enjoying good food together which is why we always have a welcoming spirit of love and laughter at The Farm Kitchen
The Ultimate Benefits of the 7 Promises
Reconnects us to nature & the seasons and cycles of life
Enriches the soil by promoting regenerative agriculture
Supports the local economy, local farmers & local produce
Showcases the creativity of a new generation of nature loving chefs
Inspires a new generation to cook plant-based cuisine
Helps companies deliver on their SDG and sustainability goals
Minimises food waste by using the full harvest of the land
Boosts your palate & vitality with tastier and more nutritious food

Enjoy a sustainable entertainment afternoon or evening with friends, family or colleagues

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Make an impact with your fork and knife through our sustainability-driven workshop

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Eat a wide range of foods that contribute to wellbeing and prevent conditions like Type 2 Diabetes

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“This is what we do at The Farm Kitchen. Serve Earth’s Own Cuisine guided by our 7 Promises. From soil to plate, we create enriching food experiences that are good for people and our planet. ”
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