Like minds!

Our story began with the meeting of kindred spirits. From the start, Jonathan Karpathios and Xander Meijer discovered they had a shared vision. Convinced that there are ways to live off the land and produce great food with respect for Mother earth, they set about creating The Farm Kitchen.

In many ways they’re the yin and yang of The Farm Kitchen. Jonathan is a visionary chef with a huge love for veggies (and the soil it comes from) and an award-winning cookbook author. Xander the ex-CEO of Wessanen Benelux and an enlightened entrepreneur, known for his inspirational drive to contribute to a more sustainable way of life for everyone. They both want people to reconnect with real, pure food. And raise awareness for what food can do for your health and vitality.

Contrary to popular belief; veggies and healthy food are anything but boring! Taking his orders from Mother earth herself, Jonathan and his team take us all on a constant journey of discovery into a new and wonderful world of natural flavors.

Both Jonathan and Xander are dedicated to changing our food system. By working shoulder to shoulder with local farmers, we’re shortening the supply chain, reducing CO2 output, reducing waste to the point of being waste free and winning the day for biodiversity. Simply delicious!

The solution

We are on a mission to reconnect people with Mother Earth and the lessons of the land while promoting regenerative agriculture. To ensure that we stay on track, we abide by our 7 promises to Mother Earth:


7 promises to Mother Earth


  1. You rich servings! Rich in nutrients, rich in love. All our ingredients come from good soil rich in healthy microorganisms, managed through regenerative agriculture.
  2. To travel close: locally sourced & produced on local land. We source local, on our own land and by collaborating with local organic producers.
  3. To follow the sun: the Earth’s seasons fill our menu with brightness. We follow the seasons, preparing only what the land provides naturally at any time of year.
  4. Flavor to savor: with love-cooked and laughter-grilled vegetable delight. Our chefs know how to unlock the secrets of the land, taking their orders and delicious inspiration from Mother Earth
  5. Honesty: because honesty tastes best. We guarantee better returns for everyone; honest prices for all and never at the expense of Mother Earth.
  6. To waste nothing and nourish the circle of life. Everything we do and produce is circular and waste-free. We use and re-use everything, we are 100% part of the natural cycle of the land.
  7. True love: to partner only with kindred spirits. We choose carefully: the partners we work with complement us, set the same high standards and share our mission.
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